Who are we?

The Concept 

    Zoe studio is supporting new fashion designers from Romania by giving them a space to showcase their products on an online platform.

    We offers the perfect way for new designers to introduce themselves to their audience, which can be one of the most challenging parts of launching in this industry.  

    We want to be a platform for emerging entrepreneurs in the creative industry. Showcasing and selling their goods, but also telling their story. We want to look a little deeper into what they do, what it took to get there and what challenges have been on their route.

The store

    Our store has an unique and curated selection of clothes and accessories by new and emerging designers.

    We have a focus on quality and aim to leave short-lived trends and seasons behind. Zoe Studio appreciates a flow of new and timeless pieces all year round.

    It is important to us that the clothes you buy from our designers are pieces you want to wear for years to come. That's why we only select pieces of good quality and unique styles. 

The Designers

    Our designers have many things in common. One of which is that they are still in the founding and launching phases of their brand, working with limited resources, a small network and driven by their creativity.

    We welcome designers from various backgrounds and from all over the country.

    Because we work with small designers, some of our pieces are exclusive and one-of-a-kind, meaning that we just have one of each garment. But since we are a small store, a big stock is never something we work with. 

    For some of our designers we are their only selling point. These designers hand make their clothes and in very limited quantities. Other designers are bigger and have more sales points. 

    Sustainability is a core value of ours. By working with independent designers, we are familiar with how our designers produce their clothes or accessories. By only aiming for garments of high quality, and with a focus on timeless pieces, we are encouraging you to use your garments for a long time. Besides only offering pieces of high quality, most of our labels aim to become sustainable, and a large percentage of them already are. 

    Here at Zoe Studio, we want to offer an opportunity to designers, share experience and expertise and collectively unite through our curated creative platform.