Our experience in production

               Zoe Studio was founded in 2017 and started as a creative production studio. Since then we have worked with many highly appreciated brands from different industries. 

Our Studio is providing customization services (digital printing, transfer print, embroidery and on demand laser work ) on any type of apparel and sneakers with no minimum quantities. We can work on prototipes and one time products as well as supporting the whole production of a collection.  

We are the production studio that supported some of the most desirable and successful young designers from Romania. We have supplied them with the technical and engineering support of clothing production and customization. Same of the brand we have worked with are:Ratpacc, Aid.design, 1step2chaos, Swordvr, Southside.clothingline, Fuerte, Angels Archives to name a few.

 Our production team made the clothing of Bucharest's most appreciated fine dining restaurant, Kane, to everyone’s favourite traditional lunch boutique, Ciorbarie. We also took the responsibility of supplying all the baristas from Manufaktura by Don Cafe with carefully embroidered aprons.